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Mary Seddon is an experienced research scientist specializing in Molluscan Biodiversity and Conservation. She has participated in major projects in Europe, NW Africa, and East Africa and spent 20 years working in Museum Collections, focusing on Capacity Building for collection management and field surveys in Kenya, Tanzania, and Galapagos. Seddon is proficient in utilizing IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria and has facilitated Species Assessments workshops globally. Her expertise extends to data analysis, education, and communication, particularly in Museum Collections, IUCN Red List, Capacity Building, and Outdoor Education. With over 25 years as a Qualified IUCN Red List Trainer, she serves as Trustee for Museum of Dartmoor Life and is involved with Adventure Okehampton & YHA Okehampton. Additionally, she holds various volunteer roles with IUCN SSC, including Chair of SSC Mollusc Specialist Group and involvement in IUCN Post 2020 Biodiversity Targets Taskforce.