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Edmund Gittenberger, a seasoned researcher at the Natural History Museum in Leiden, specializes in terrestrial zoology, particularly mollusks. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Leiden University and defended his doctoral thesis in 1973 on terrestrial snails. Gittenberger has been a curator at ‘Naturalis’ since 1968 and a part-time professor at Leiden University since 1985. His global research focuses on non-marine snails, using the genus Albinaria for evolutionary studies. He actively engages in the international malacological community, serving as Secretary of the Unitas Malacologica. Despite retiring in 2008, he continues prolific research, with nearly 400 publications, and mentors PhD students. He also teaches scientific courses at Leiden University. Gittenberger’s multidisciplinary approach has led to significant contributions in evolutionary biology and malacology.